Unfinished or Pre-finished Wood Flooring?

106-refinished-floors-before-and-afterWhen choosing a hardwood flooring, you will find many options. The colour and pattern of this flooring is usually determined by the species of wood, such as Oak or Walnut. The end of this flooring determines how the surface of the floor looks, for example, matt, glossy or textured. The end of this floor also protects the surface from daily wear and tear. You’ll have to choose between a bare or pre-finished hardwood flooring. Here is everything you want to know to help you to make the decision.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

An unfinished flooring is your timber flooring with no oils or lacquers inserted to the surface. Thus, it’s fundamentally the timber in its raw condition. The timber was produced to the boards or cubes of floors but has not gone through the entire finishing process. In case you choose to select unfinished hardwood flooring, you’ll have to bring the surface complete once it’s been installed. All kinds of wood flooring has to be completed with a lacquer or acrylic, otherwise they can easily become damaged.

Selecting an unfinished hardwood flooring is ideal if you would like to match it to your current décor. You’ll be able to choose your species and fashion of flooring, and after it is installed you can start to add a color stain and surface finish. This usually means that you can create an entirely unique kind of flooring.

Pre-finished wood flooring

A pre-finished floor usually means that the planks or blocks of flooring have already had the protective layers of oils or lacquers added. This is achieved during the manufacturing process, and any necessary shade stains. All sorts of hardwood flooring need to be shielded or finished before they can be used, so the principal advantage of a pre-finished floor is that it’s ready to walk on as soon as it’s been installed.

Deciding on a pre-finished flooring is ideal if you understand what you’re looking for and need a straight forward installation procedure. There are a huge array of choices of pre-finished floors. You will have endless choices of species of timber, plank sizes, finishes and colour stains.

Should I select unfinished or pre-finished wood flooring?

  • An unfinished flooring may frequently be found cheaper, however you’ll then need to add on additional prices for oils, lacquers, stains and additional setup costs.
  • A pre-finished floor can have cheaper setup costs because it is quicker to set up. There is no dust from sanding and no harsh fumes from the oils or lacquers since it has already been finished in the mill.
  • With an unfinished floor you’re able to match it more closely to your décor or color scheme by adding your choice of stain and finish.
  • Pre-finished hardwood flooring may be utilized whenever they have been installed.
  • Un-finished floors need protecting and sealing with an oil or lacquer before they are walked.
  • Both unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring can be found in a wide selection of species of timber and plank sizes.

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