Repair Tip For Oiled Wood Flooring

redwood-x-wide-engineered-flooring-20-6mm-x-240mm-oak-smoked-oiled-1-824m2-p150-2592_zoomOne of the chief differences between hardwood flooring and other kinds of flooring is that pretty much anything you throw in a wooden floor can be mended. Repairs to hardwood flooring go from single scratch cover ups to finish re-sand and re-seal. Simple, straightforward repairs could be carried out from the many inexperienced DIY-er, but you might need to consider getting the professionals in for repairs that are more significant. Nevertheless, like everything in life, in regards to wooden floor damage, prevention is better than cure and you should, of course, prevent damage whenever possible.

Things you can do in order to prevent damage to your hardwood flooring include lifting, not attaching furniture across your floor; sticking to a regular and thorough cleaning program which is accommodated to your floors; taking good care to avoid water damage and cleaning up splashes and spills as soon as you detect them.

In case you’ve got an oiled flooring and it is looking lightly (but not excessively) damaged all over, normally a new coating of petroleum all over the floor will work and bring your floor back to life. If your flooring is showing signs of deeper scratches and dents you could always think about buying a filler that will act to out problem areas. If harm to your floor is extensive, the worst-case scenario is generally a complete re-sand and re-seal to get your flooring back to looking as new. Even though an entire re-sand and re-seal may mean earning a professional, there are plenty of things you can do yourself if harm is not as serious.

For instance, here’s a fix tip for an oiled floor which you have scratched and want a”quick fix”. If you’re the proud owner of a new oiled wood flooring and therefore are in the unfortunate situation of getting scratched it, then try not to worry too much! An easy, fast and DIY solution is to dab a little olive oil over the scratch. While this isn’t a solution for excessive scratching or wooden floor renovation, then it may just get you out of the horrible situation of having scratched your brand new floor.

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