shutterstock_363722432As it pertains to refinishing your hardwood floors, Floor Sanding Sussex will do this but without creating a never-ending dust problem, one which goes on for many years after the work is done.

That can occur if you’re handling a cheap or fairly inexperienced flooring contractor.

Floor Sanding Sussex is a locally, family-owned Enterprise. We are located in Sunnyvale, also been serving taxpayers and the company sector in the South Bay for more than 25 years. We are dedicated to performing all floors work in an excellent manor, in order to make our customers contented. Us too! A big advantage to”wowing” our clients are referrals: meaning, if we do great work we get referrals which is always greatly appreciated!

3-Step Rx For No Sanding
If your timber flooring is gently chipped or chipped, we could use our semi automatic sanding procedure.
Before the process starts, our special applicator assesses your flooring for contamination, such as wax, that prevent adhesion of the urethane. Once your flooring is free of contaminants, we begin the three step finishing process. Generally we can finish this process in only 1 day

STEP #1 — Virtual fact
Rx For Wood Floors no-sanding formula “sands the hardwood flooring.” The same as sanding, this unique formula rubs off the old finish to ready the hardwood for beautiful fresh topcoat. It saves time, cost, and the mess of conventional sanding.

STEP #2 — Repairs
Elegant Flooring professionals use Rx For Wood Floors fix products to make any necessary repairs to the surface of the flooring before applying the final finish.

STEP #3 — Finishing
Rx For Wood Floors unique catalyzed wood finish is applied and eternally locking with the first end for an attractive, clean finish which lasts.

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